Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Card making kit! 20 cards QUICK and EASY! Everyday Occasions is your solution to a busy life!

Fall is here, that means the leaves change and the air is crisp and there are holidays/activities galore. Who has time to handcraft cards?  Not many people! I have your answer. The Stampin' Up, Everyday Occasions Card Making Kit!  This fabulous kit has everything you need (except snail adhesive and scissors) to make 20 PRECIOUS cards to send to your besties. Christmas gifts for that hard to find person?  Never seem to have the right card at the right time? Mommy let's do a project.  Avid stampers, I can't find my ___________ (insert lost item here)!  Envious of your pinterest folks?  Problem solved! With tax and shipping these are just $36!  ORDER YOUR KIT TODAY!

The picture just doesn't do them justice, so here are some close ups!

Sooooooooooo cute! RIGHT!  These took me around 2 hours. Seriously! That's crazy!

Here is the cutie stamp set that comes IN the box.  These are clear mount stamps. You simply peel the backing off the redish piece, peel the paper backing off the (white sheet) and stick the sticky side of the clear label to the back of the red stamp and voila! Precious stamp set. Now these stamps covers most occasions you would need.  AND when you are done, you have a fabulous stamp set!

One of my favorite things in it is this cutie stamp that lets your besties know YOU MADE the card. This ain't Hallmark, this is your blood sweat and tears, let them know!

These are stampin' dimensionals which are pretty much the main adhesive you will need. As you see, I didn't use even half of them. Stampin' Up dimensionals are way better than retail ones. Try them, you will see! Also are two stampin' spots which are mini stamp pads. They are reusable and awesome!

Here's the stampin' spot up close, isn't it cute!

When I was done, this was LEFT, WOW.

 Stampin' Up has the answer. Click here to see! 

I absolutely love these easy-peasy instructions from Stampin' Up!

 The last thing I'll show you is the clear block.  As you can see, the "for you" circle sticks nicely to the clear block and removes easily.  Just wash your stamps with water or stampin scrub if you have it. If not, baby wipes work really well. 

DON'T DELAY, order one today!  
You can use the stampin' dimensionals in the kit for most of the adhesion, but you will need regular adhesive and scissors also.  The adhesive that worked best for me was snail adhesive for those tiny pieces and for layers that aren't dimensionalized (double sided tape works fine, too!)
Here is what Stampin Up snail adhesive is:
Stampin' Up paper snips:
Happy Stamping!
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  1. This is really cool! I need to have cards available for any occasion.


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