Monday, May 26, 2014

Thanks to all the soldiers who have served our country!


I want to take the time to honor our military who serve our country on this very special Memorial Day. I have two favorite people in particular this year and last year who have frankly been to hell and back in their fights with illness and injury. They are only here by the grace of God!  

First is my incredible friend and stampin' sister Lana Dunn. She has fought triple negative breast cancer valiantly and patiently and is finally getting on the other side of this hard, hard, battle. (Praise the LORD!)  She is active duty member of the Army Reserves and has served for more than 19 years in the U.S. Army. Here we are at reception in which she received her award for her fight in the area of health. And here she is being honored with other fabulous ladies at the "Brown Girls Rock" ceremony. So grateful to be blessed by this dear friendship.


The next person I would like to honor is Cpt. Edward Wesley Klein (Eddie/Flip). Flip was commanding B Company, 4-23 INF and while on dismounted patrol was hit by an IED near Kandahar, Afghanistan. The explosion caused extensive damage -- yet... through the heroics of his unit he was on the operating table in Kandahar in 27 minutes from the explosion -- saved his life for sure. He was sweet high school youth in our church youth group when my husband and I were counselors. I was proud to follow his fight since Nov 2012 and am so glad to see pictures like this, he and his amazing wife, Jessica.

Thank you to these two and to countless others who have served and who are serving our country.  Remembering you and honoring you this day! God Bless!


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