Saturday, May 10, 2014

Best.Card.Ever Mother's Day



I'm speechless.  My mom lives in the sane town I do, so I'm blessed that she gets to and wants to come to my card classes. Get a load of this precious card she made for me for Mother's Day! She used her Paper Pumpkin kit from March and April along with the you make me happy stamp cut from a card I probably gave her. Mom was a teacher, so waste not want not, am I right?  Then she added my babies??? I am beyond TOUCHED. She also added her favorite stamp from the Everyday Occasions kit to the back.  (If my mom comes to my class, I had better get this stamp out, she will ask for it!!!)
This is my favorite card of all time. I am blessed to have my mom in my life. If your mom is passed, I am so sorry. This kind of love us unmatched and I can't imagine life without this piece of my heart. My mom has inspired me to love, teach, be whatever I wanted to be - no limits and you also see where I get my creativity and energy from. She listens to me drone on about my joys and woes and listens and then keeps listening... On this Mother's Day weekend, thank your mom or anyone who is like a mom to you.  Don't text or message-call or make/buy them a card and remind them why you love them.  Please feel free to make this post go viral, my mom would be tickled pink... Love you mom!!!

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