Monday, November 7, 2016


What a special time we had at On Stage Kansas City.  Here's what made it extra special. My very talented team member Elizabeth Mayfield-Hart was selected to be a display board presenter. Isn't she adorable? I could not show you her goodies until the gag order for sharing projects was lifted. She worked her hiney off and it shows! Here are some displays:

So, she got a box of new products and per Stampin' UP's reuqirements.  We were like "ho ho ho and fa la la" and she was all like "spring is here"??? Seeing her projects made it worth the wait!
This is a close up of a fab Project Life spread she did: adorbs!

NEW STAMP alert. Are these colors not heavenly? and the font - yummy!  

Totally loving this pineapple with it's bold welcome

Succulents are totally on trend and this card really showcases them!

I Spy some new gorgeous ribbon! On a popcorn box, no doubt!

Who doesn't love a kitten in a box?

Did you check out the two toned coloring on the stamp set below. This a new look for Stampin' Up and I love it! Two step stamping, I'm calling it shadowing

A sweet succulent tag is perfection!

 Digging the new year, llama and peace card with palm trees.  All 3 are perfect.  

If you think she rocked these displays, comment below!  I think she knocked this out of the park and I could not be prouder! 
FInd out more about how fun it was to storm Kansas City with the pretties team here. 


  1. Elizabeth is an incredible crafter and I am pleased she got to show her talents!! I always learn from her. Great work!! Labor of love!

  2. They look great Elizabeth! So proud of you!!

  3. The display was so creative and fun. I loved to stand there and watch everyone OOOOO and AAAAHHH over the designs all the while taking pictures because they wanted to CASE her designs! So happy for my talented and funny Sideline!. I'll be cheering for you!


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