Sunday, November 6, 2016

On Stage Kansas City Recap: Part 1

 What's not to love about a road trip complete with gifts, late nite stamping, giggles & laughs, NEW spring Occasions and Saleabration Catalogs, pre-ordering new goodies, prizes, dinner, and more stamping?  14 Pretties and Doc Stampers team members (plus friends) attended the most recent On Stage celebration in Kansas City this weekend. What a blast!

Some preparation goes into spoiling his fab bunch of ladies I have. I made survival kits and tags to tell our bags apart from the sea of other Stampin' Up bags.  I love the Moroccan suite from our Annual Catalog!  

ROAD TRIP! We drove to KC and started the day off with a relaxing late lunch. These moments of sharing and laughing are some of my favorite. And in K.C. they top their tater tots with BBQ! 

Off to Centre Stage to be spoiled to the hilt. I can not believe the attention to detail Stampin' Up goes through to honor us for our hard work. BONUS... Elizabeth Mayfield-Hart earned her first Centre Stage party this year. AND to top that off, she was selected to share new catalog samples with us! Click here to see them! 

A day without stamping is like a day without sunshine.  We totally stamped and visited with friend and hubby from Nebraska, as is our tradition. 

The next morning, we were up and at em at 715 for a day PACKED full of fun.  
We got to see the new catalog right off the bat. The room got really quiet while we poured over each page wowing and aaaahing over new stuff. I can't show ya any of it now, but can share some samples on Monday after 1pm. :). We needed 3 whole tables to hold us all. WOWEE! 

So grateful Lana Dunn was able to come after spending a few days in the hospital. 

Studying the catalog:

There was A LOT of recognition for promotions and achievements. I was kinda embarrassed to walk the stage 6 times. WHO AM I KIDDING??? I loved it. Elizabeth and I decided to wear tiaras for our Silver Elite and Gold promotion walks. We rocked that stage in our gear. 

Our day also revolves around stamping 4 NEW projects with NEW catalog goodies. I can't show you this yet, but can show you Monday after 1pm. No stamping event is complete without prize patrols. A ton of stamps were won.  

GUESS WHAT? At the end of the day they let us split the stamps, ink and accessories to take home. 
The day ended with a fantastic time of honoring these people that inspire me with a fun dinner out for those that encourage me daily and fun stamping!  

Mark your calendars for April for On Stage nearby. Click here to find out more about being on our fun Happy Shopping team! 


  1. Fantastic!!! It's a wonder how it worked out to be for the best I did not sign up, but I am very sorry to have missed such a fun opportunity.

  2. Yes, Amy. You will have to join us next time!


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