Wednesday, April 12, 2017

OnStage 2017 Shreveport Recap

I just returned from Shreveport where 18 ladies and I traveled to see the gorgeous new Stampin' Up 2017-2018 Annual Catalog!  So much happens on such a jam packed weekend. Hop on for a wild ride! 

My first official activity was to be pampered and spoiled at Center Stage. This is a special dinner for those at Silver Elite title and up. We were treated like royalty and I was thrilled to sit with my bestie Erica Cerwin and my new friend Tracey Thompson who I met a few months back.

As usual, we had amazing food......but we only snapped a photo of the dessert

And the night was made totally wonderful when we received a new stamp set (Hooray!) and a specially designed Stampin' Up apron! Oh......and a the new 2-17-2018 Annual Catalog. Sorry, strict gag order not to show anything except the cover!

Meanwhile.......back at the hotel, my original downline Elizabeth Mayfield Hart organized a fab shoebox swap for the team entitled "We Are all Wonder Women". I'm not how I deserve this Virgo sister, heart of gold, encouraging gift giver in my life, but I am so glad she is. As one of my team leaders, I asked her to organize this simple shoebox swap. Well, the Pretties don't really do "simple". HA! As usual, she knocked this one out of the ballpark. She organized it and Patience, Virginia provided fab treats and Lazendra fashioned a Wonder Woman logo for the capes!  supplied FAB treats for the event also. She spared no details and we all had a blast!

Door prizes of course!  

more sweets, my favorite :) Thanks Wonder Woman

  Happy Stampers

And of course Elizabeth made us all capes to wear! WOW! 

This was all just a warm up to the big day we had next!  As you can see, it's so much more than ink, stamps and paper.  We made some cute cards too! 
Then we rested up for the marathon 8-5pm stamptastic day of On Stage festivities. 

With my team and friends we totaled 18 fantastic stampers! WOW! How blessed can I be?

I can't show you much yet, but right off the bat there were prize winners!  PRIZE PATROL!!!! I hate that Elizabeth wasn't excited about her prize. 

I could not be more thrilled to spend the weekend with Lana Dunn and my sister. These two are my rock and foundation. Does this girl below look like she has metastatic breast cancer? Nope, but GOD! that she is here with me. Thank you for every minute we spend together! 

After the festivities and a short break, we headed on over to the Stampin' Social hosted by me and my bestie Erica Cerwin. I am so blessed that we are friends, we met through stamping and we bonded at Founder's Circle and we throw some pretty fab events (aside from encouraging each other and texting multiple times per week!)

WE figured folks would be hungry for some sweet treats........

What a fantastic group of ladies we had (with her permission, I horked Erica's picture :)

We even had some VIP's, Shannon West and Darcy from Stampin' Up! WOW! I'm starstruck!

I'm not sure anyone parties like the Pretties! 
We can sleep when we're dead! 

Want to see the new catalog NOW?
Want to be a part of the fun? 
You can get your starter kit, pick our your new catalog items now and the best part? You get to party with the Pretties!  
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November Onstage Live in Salt Lake City can not get here fast enough!  Mark your calendars, Nov 9-11, 2017.  

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