Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Cr"after" school class: Summer Style!

Crafty Summer School All Day Class

I love teaching craft classes and I love teaching children, so an all day craft class with my daughter (12) and her friends is a win-win for everyone. I chose the fab Planner Kit for our day of crafting fun. 

Click here to order your planner kit today! 

 Summer was almost over, and school was about to start, so it seemed like the right time to think about planners! Here are my crafty friends all bright eyed and bushy tailed at 9 am! (We have drop off at 7:30 am to accommodate working parents)

We numbered the pages (this took the bulk of the morning), but we made a game of it and the girls were laser focused! Here's my sweet Hope making her planner! We talked about time management since a lot of the girls are headed to middle school or making the transition to multiple teachers. Lest you think I tortured then with lectures, we also made bath bombs, which was a blast! (p.s. add water SLOWLY!)

Scarlett even got in on the action and then we finished out the day with a dip in the neighborhood pool.  
Join us for the next all day kids crafting class in Little Rock on 
Thanksgiving Break: Monday, November 20th 8am -5pm 
Christmas Break: December 29th 8am - 5pm 
7:30 am drop off available both days
$50 per day includes lunch and all supplies
Age Kindergarten and up
Email me at cogbill22@yahoo.com to sign up today. Don't delay because my classes fill fast!


  1. Isa and Melia had a blast and love their planner. Timing was perfect cause I worked the night before and got my beauty sleep while the girls had a great day!!!��

    1. THanks, Anonymous :) Your girls are the best and I am happy that I provided you some nice shut eye and inspired your girls again! They are so crafty!


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