Sunday, November 26, 2017

On Stage 2017 Highlights - Day 1

Many of you followed my Facebook "papermadeprettierclub" for all the latest deets that we experienced at OnStage 2017 in Salt Lake City in November. The trip was unbelievable. If I could just click my heels and be back there, I would. One of the most special days of all is the day I went in early to tour the home office with my bestie Lana Dunn. Many of you know Lana, she and I met at a stamping event without upline Becky Liggin around the year 2000. We have grown closer through our children being born at the same time and her breast cancer. She is in stage 4 with metastatic breast cancer, but for God she was able to attend On Stage in Salt Lake City. We rented a car and like Thelma and  Louise ventured out to the Stampin' Up home office!

The story starts with a jillion, ok 75 swaps that I created with the Quirky Critters stamp set. Isn't he adorable? I was on a blends binge and it was FUN! Have you gotten your blends yet? 

Lana and I were kind of in shock at the Home Office with awe and wonder at the whole experience.

The sample displays were incredible. We took one million photos. 

I geeked out on the factory tour watching how our packages get packed and shipped!

Not sure how we scored a private tour of  the upstairs with Rett, the SU guru, but it was boss!  We go to see Sara's (CEO) and Rich's (CFO) offices WOW!

So fun to meet my Business development Advisor Nick in person! 

We ended the night with a perfect meal with our my team, my treat for all of their hard work.

The trip just wouldn't be complete without some fancy gifts for the team. They loved these bags I had monogrammed for them :)

Now off to bed because tomorrow we see the NEW OCCASIONS CATALOG! I felt like a kid on Christmas Eve! 

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