Monday, July 16, 2018

Product of the Week: The Stampin' Up Starter Kit!

Product of the Week:
Stampin' Up Starter Kit
YOU build it! 

This week we are spotlighting my favorite product of all time! The Stampin' Up Starter kit!
It's ALWAYS a great deal at $125 in products (YOU CHOOSE WHAT YOU WANT) for $99, no shipping! That's a huge value. Guess what's even sweeter right now? 
In July only, you pick any color family of 10 ink pads! FOR FREE!

Don't delay! Join the 65 other Pretties Team Happy Shoppers who are shopping away with their 20% discount every day
Click here to learn more about the other benefits to being on my FUN Pretties Happy Shopper group
No obligations, just possibilities! 

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