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The Stampin' Up Starter kit is the best deal in the catalog,it's ALWAYS a great sale  with $125 in products for only $99! 

What’s In A Stampin' Up Starter Kit?
Anything you choose! Make a long list and we'll decide what is best for the starter kit and what is best for your first order! The kit is only $99 (FREE SHIPPING too!!), then you choose up to $125 of ANYTHING.

What’s the Catch?
There is NO catch! There are absolutely no obligations to sell or teach. No obligations...just possibilities! The only requirement to remain an active Demo is a quarterly minimum. And as a new Demo, you actually have until the end of the first full quarter (Oct-Dec, Jan-March, April-June, July-Sept) to meet it. ie. if you join in May, you would have until the end of September!  If you don't meet this level, you just become a customer again, but do not get the 20% discount.  However, our group is so fun.......I have a feeling you will love the benefits so much that you will never want to let that happen! 

Do I have to have a blog, make videos or hold classes?
Nope. Again, this is what you want it to be. If you want to purchase the Starter Kit just to enjoy the discount- great! You are what I like to think of as a “preferred customer.” You get all the benefits but don’t have to actually run a business. But, if you want to run a business, you can! And I’m here to help guide you with that if you want.  I have around 75 Happy Shoppers on my team and only about 5 of them are having classes. Simply shop happily! 

What Are the Benefits?
The biggest benefit, in my opinion, is that you become a Pretties Team Member! My team is spread out all over the United States with many people in Central Arkansas. We hold live meetings and we broadcast the meetings online! We swap monthly, we have creative challenges, prizes, travel to fun events, and have many celebrations! But the best part is- we support each other! Many of my team have chosen to make a business out of their Starter Kit and many have chosen to support their hobby with a discount. I welcome ALL new demos to my team regardless of why they purchase the Starter Kit. 

Official List of Benefits:
20% discount 
Potential to earn up to 38% of your sales
Early and exclusive access to new products with Preorders typically one month prior to customers
Opportunity to earn free product through various incentives
Qualify for cash bonuses, free product, incentive trips and more

If you choose to purchase your kit through me, there are even more added benefits. 
You will be a part of my Pretties Team Community and will be invited to join in all the fun we have together.
Monthly get-togethers (in Arkansas and online) with 4-5  make and takes, fun and contests. If you aren’t local, we do our meetings via Facebook Live/Zoom!  I have someone who monitors that discussion during the meetings. Door prizes are available to those that attend live and online! I also offer the make and takes to be shipped to my long distance girls. 
Continual support from me. Stampin' Up is my passion, I am available to inspire you, encourage you and help you whenever and however you need! When a Happy Shopper attends my weekly business trainings and wants more support, I do one on one calls as needed with my team members. 
Free Class Planners- my downline get my Class Planners and Tutorial PDFs for free every single month! You can use them for your own crafting or as a class of your own! 
Team recognition and incentives- PRIZES! Lot's of them! I reward for promotions and sales and occasionally we have recruiting contests. 
Team Facebook Page- this is where we’ve really gotten to know each other! 
Monthly Creative Challenges (more prizes!)
Monthly Swaps- even for those long distant
Promotion Locket and Charms
Weekly Business Builder's Training for all interested with additional Weekly Leader's conference call for those that are Silver Elite and above.

So, if you are ready to order those Stampin' Up products at a discount AND get all the amazing benefits I listed above, you can purchase the Starter Kit below. Or, you can email me if you have questions! I am happy to answer anything you might want to know! 

For a LIMITED TIME get $30 more on your starter kit!  $125 for only $99 and no shipping on anything you'd like!  Pick from the new Annual Catalog and be ready to shop the Holiday Catalog early when it's released! No obligations to sell....... just possibilities. Become a Happy Shopper today!

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